Why to consider a pre-inspection

So you’ve decided to sell your home? One of the things you will want to  consider before listing your home is having a pre-inspection done. Depending on where you live, the cost is very minimal and could end up saving you thousands by getting potential issues fixed before a potential buyer makes an offer.

Pre-inspections are full inspections, but without the written report. Your inspector generally will spend about 45 minutes to an hour at your home looking at everything he/she normally would, but at a much quicker pace. The cost will range from around $75-125 for the inspection.

So what can a pre-inspection help with? According to Forbes.com, “a pre-inspection gives you, the seller, a heads-up if there are problems that a potential buyer will likely want repaired. Once you know what’s wrong, you can have those issues fixed before you list. The cleaner and more problem-free you can make your home, the faster it’s likely to sell.”

The money saved can amount to thousands in the long run. Remember the leaky faucet that could cost as little as a hundred bucks or less if you can fix yourself? A buyer will use that and any other issues that arise in their home inspection to lower the selling price of your home.

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